torsdag den 3. marts 2011

My top 3 accessories from apple

1. Airport Express

Skip the wires. Access the internet, print from your printer and stream itunes music wireless.
This thing is great I can place my macbook everywhere in my apartment and still hear my music through my stereo. the only thing missing is the possibility to stream the sound from videos and other applications on my mac.

2. Time Capsule

Overall, Time Capsule does exactly what Apple told us it would do: make it easier for the vast majority of users to start backing up regularly over their network. That's to be commended, and if you're a Mac user and you've got the coin, there's no reason not to consider a Time Capsule when the time comes to replace your router -- we've always found Airport devices to be rock-solid, and Time Capsule is no exception. But if you're using a PC, it's not like you need the Time Machine support -- and if you own an Airport Extreme, you have every right to be peeved about the fact that what's essentially the same hardware won't let you back up to AirDisk.

If you have an AirPort Extreme, you can plug in a USB disk to the port on it for Time Capsule backups. If you want a NAS that can do Time Machine backups but also act as an iTunes music server, the Hp Media Box will do the trick (although won't act as a Wi-Fi router).

Regardless of my caveats, I just prefer the Time Capsule to these options as it fits a lot of back up functionality and network performance in one box.

3. Magic trackpad
Not much to say really, works like the trackpad on the macbook family. Great for casual navigating. Although for me it can't replace a real mouse. For precision pointing you just don't get the same as with a mouse. I use it for my media center and if you like my don't have a table with surface that works with your mouse, this product is great. I would love if apple made a bigger version that also work as a drawing tablet. Of course there would be some problem with the touch technology, since apple is using capacitive touch.
4/5  (in comparison with mouse 3/5)

First Blog

Hi and welcome to my new blog. This blog will be about everything concerning apple news, apple accessories, guides and much more. I hope you will enjoy it.

Regards Christian